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By Pippa
#183233 Hi, I'm going to have a go with some unmade Pixelmon, and according to the chart, for example, Drowzee and Hypno aren't made, which I'd really like to do. But I note that Techne is listed for them; is this a requirement also? I'm using Blender. And does the Techne notation apply to the rest that also have that for unmades? One last question; I note that models like Magikarp aren't done? But they seem to be in game, so I'm wondering why they need to be done. I'd like not to do what you don't need; and I'm sure there's a good explanation that somehow I've totally missed and you're sick of getting this question.... sorry in advance!
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By bvanseghi
#183242 If it says "Techne" and is NOT already being remodeled by someone else here in the forums, you can do it in blender.

Techne is outdated, and we are upgrading all Techne models to the SMD format.

You can distinguish between Techne and SMD models easily: one is blocky, the other is round and smooth.

Before you start working, make sure the Pokemon you are doing is not already approved or being worked on.