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By KnightDamag
#172605 Im currently making a Yamask for feedback and possibly the game. A problem i always encounter is when trying to do arms. Im in Maya 2016 right now, and I currently made Yamask's head shape. So this is what I need to know:

I want to make a circular cut that is symmetrical on the other side, and be able to extrude symmetrically too.
I can't do it manually, because I will get two weird shaped arms.

I want to do something like Charmander's model, symmetrical arms
Thanks for reading. Please answer if you know.
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By JamieS1211
#172631 Models for the current standard should be one mesh. Also what people do is only make half the pokemon and use a mirror to do the rest. Not sure how to do that in maya because I use blender.