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By onionsaur
#167198 Hello there!

I am a professional modeler that freelances and does all kinds of weird things in my spare time. I'd love a chance to model or rig any pokemon you're in need of help with.

I apologize if this is all posted some where but many of the threads/dates are very old and I didn't want to post in one that was dead for the chance of there being a new thread or try out.

I mostly use Maya and Zbrush, and if you need it I could relearn Max as it isn't that difficult.

I love sculpting but I'm a pretty decent rigger. so please let me know how I can help.
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By MoeBoy76
#167199 The majority of models are either Maya or Blender and the animators use Blender but as long as you can export the animations as SMDs from Maya then you can use it for animations (all new models have 2 or more of the following: idle.smd, walking.smd, swimming.smd and flying.smd, these are the only model files needed as they contain the .obj model)
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By JamieS1211
#167211 If you can't export to smd via your program it should be ok as someone with blender can import your animations and then re-export them from blender as SMDs. The models are all low poly so not sure Zbrush will come in handy but Maya defiantly can be used. If you want to help out you can go here ( and look for a pokemon that hasn't been done, model rig and animate and put the animation on sketchfab and embed that in a post on the modelling forums.