By gamingnut2
#10672 Hi this is my second attempt at this you said you were doing gen 1 first but Donphan and Phanphy are in generation one if you don't believe me watch the first move its at the beginning. So they need to be added to the list please.
example donphan.jpg

By Yaseen
#10676 The movies arent canon to the story tho, I believe it was made after Jhoto was out
By karrybird
gamingnut2 wrote:then where were all the gen 2 pokemon in the movie because i couldn't spot any

boy are you stubborn...
were they in the first gen games? no? then they are NOT from gen 1!
ho-oh is from gen 2, but it was seen the first episode of the anime! and like someone else said buizel and munchlax were introduced in gen 3, but they are both still gen 4.
we're focusing on the games, end of discussion.