By lugiaisbeast101
#104822 Any program that can export in .obj format. Ex. Autodesk Maya, Blender, 3DS Max <----Those three are the ones that most of the modelers use, and Maya has the most features out of them.
By lugiaisbeast101
DarkMoon wrote:Im personally gonna practice before I start making but if you don't mind if I pm you lugia here and there. (Maya)

I don't know the control shceme of Maya, so I can't help you in that area. Anything directly towards

how the mesh could be edited to make for a better pokemon, I could provide assistance.

Also, I'd prefer if you message me on skype (Same name as in the forums) as I would be able to get back

to you quicker. PS listen to SPG, don't even look into it (techne), he knows what he's talking about.
By lugiaisbeast101
Trouser wrote:Does google sketchup work?

Well, if you can export to OBJ in the program, then 'yes.

If you cannot do so, I'm sure there's a converter tool out there.