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Arsonist wrote:Although, looking at it again, the one on the left shows absolutely no perspective, so both have their faults.

I see, well thanks man, but could you answer this as well? :lol:

MrRokusho wrote:Ok so what I've done right now is Linking the material of the objects, which means they're still all seperate objects but they share the same material, thus the same texture. Is that ok?

You are saying that you have separate parts of the model stacked on, and I can only assume that if you use one PNG and render, you'll see the texture in its respected locations. Now if I'm correct in saying this, then yes it's ok. If you cannot open one PNG to make up for all of the parts, then something is wrong. Example, my happiny has 3 parts to it, it's Body, it's arms, and it's feet. However, I still unwrapped them onto one UV map and when I applied the final texture, that one map applied to all three parts. It should also be helpful to say that I simply selected all verts afterwords and assigned one material to it, so the answer to your question would be yes either way.

Hope that helps?

Well, what I had first was multiple objects with multiple materials but every material used the same image.
What i have now is multiple objects with one material and one image.
When I render the textures work. So it's ok i guess?
By lugiaisbeast101
#108852 I don't think it matters much since they'll be separated eventually, if the texture is good then it's fine.