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By Foquine
#98026 I'm trying to model Chansey and Happiny with Maya (2013) and I'm having a really bad time ! I think I do something wrong because I try to make the model symmetrical by doing the "duplicate special" thing, but I can't do it on multiple polygons and if I try to put more polygons on the model (For example: Happiny's curly hair on forehead) I just can't do it because it gets messy.

I think I have to create only one polygon and reshape it so it can be another part of the model, but I cannot do it and it really bugs me. It makes me want to quit right away...

Do you have a really good video that explains how to do those pixelmon? (Because most Maya videos are really good but so far from what I want to do since Chansey and Happiny are basically an egg-shaped sphere)

Thanks in advance.
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By Arsonist
#98488 K, so instead of saying polygon, say mesh, or piece of geometry. Polygon refers to each individual face on the mesh. Tis a lot easier to read then.
As for the duplicate special method, there are some things to keep in mind.
First, the position of the pivot point of the model, the point must must MUST be on the line of symmetry somewhere. It doesn't need to be on any particular vert or edge, but it must line up with the center line.
Second, the settings of the special duplicate must be set to instance. My settings are as follows:
Third, if it still doesn't work, delete your model's history by going to edit>delete by type>History OR edit>delete all by type>History and try again.
There's nothing particularly strange about making pixelmon, just make sure the pixelmon is facing the z direction, you're mirroring in x, and, for now, the limbs are separate geometry.
Well... ask SPG about the separate limbs, not 100% on that.

Also, if you REALLY can't duplicate special on multiple objects, merge the objects together with the Mesh>Combine under the polygons tab