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I've been wanting to make this for a few times now, and well, winter break. I have time now so let's get started.



I see these things come from people all the time, and I CANNOT stress this enough: please don't say "it's ready for approval" or anything of the sort. It is hands down one of the most annoying things I ever see in this section. You can praise a model (with some criticism added) but please don't say it's ready for approval. Another thing would be that if you think something is wrong, but you have no idea what, please don't waste the user's time by saying "Something looks wrong, but I don't know what though."


Normally I would put this under feedback, but this has been happening a lot more recently so I figured it should have its own section in this mega post. Please don't necro posts; what this means is that if the last person to post said something around a month ago, please don't say anything. It's pointless; chances are the original poster hasn't been on in a while, they gave up on the model, or it's in approval, so please don't mindlessly bump. Another thing is that it is rather annoying for one user to jump from post to post on a lot of topics in each section just to bump their post count. Please don't do this; it's mindless on your part and a waste of time cleaning it up on mine.


Another annoying thing is requesting models, though me saying this won't stop most people (because the ones that are reading this most likely already know) but don't request models. This includes making a new topic and saying "I want the gen 6 starters, Lugia, Registeel, Dunsparce, etc.). It also includes saying "Nice job! You should also make such 'n' such." You can't ask if they will make the next Pokémon in that line (because that's also annoying). For example, a person made Weedle, so you can't ask "will you make Kakuna/Beedrill?" because no one likes someone demanding things.

That's about it for everyone. Time for some guidelines for modelers.


Policy on Generation 6 Pokémon

We will not accept any generation 6 Pokémon at this time; this is out of respect to not do the current generation Gamefreak is using right now, so more than likely you won't see anything until generation 7 (things may change along the road if we complete generation 1-5 and have all 649 Pokémon but don't cross your fingers).

How to Share Models

Now by share, I don't mean upload them to Mediafire or Dropbox; I'm just referring to showing us the model. This is super simple! All you have to do is make an account at Sketchfab, upload the model, and paste the bold part of the link ( in
Code: Select all[sketchfab][/sketchfab]
and it should look like this when you're done!


We are WELL AWARE that there are some websites out there that have taken the models from the actual games and put them up for download as objs (I'm not going to link for hopefully obvious reasons). You can use these models for REFERENCES ONLY. Trust me, we aren't stupid; no matter how much you try to cover it up, we (or at least I) will find out if you took the model from one of the sites and called it your own. So to save everyone a bunch of trouble, please don't steal and just use the model as a guideline or something when modeling.

Polygon Count

I get this question a lot, and it's understandable why too. Fact of the matter is that there really isn't one. What we look for is something that looks low, so if your sphere is like 20x20 that's WAY too high, but if it's 10x10 or something of the sort then it's fine. Maybe a bit lower, it varies from program to program.

How to pose your model

So you may be familiarized with how modeling works: they position the model in something we call a "t-pose". Don't actually do this (at least not yet, we are working on methods of properly rigging models) but for now, just make it like you would see in the game. Reason for this is that we have to separate the limbs on the models and then put them together in code and rotate everything individually to animate it, so yes, it's a bit weird to say the least. Put it in a t-pose. We rig our models now; you don't have to rig them, we do it for you!

Flying Pokémon

This normally only pertains to birds, but sometimes you have other Pokémon that can fly like Golurk. When making a Pokémon that can fly you have to make 2 positions: one needs to be on the ground, or "Standing position", and the other where it's flying or "Flying position". If you don't understand what I mean, look at these examples stol..... i mean provided by Karry and Zero_Breaker.
Bird Pokémon
Non-Bird Pokémon

How to UV map your models (Provided by Edeodin)

How to Texture Properly (Provided by Karrybird)

When texturing, especially if you're a beginner, it is advised that you simply use the eye dropper tool to get the colors from the official artwork of the Pokémon. You can try to make the colors yourself in the program you're using, but unless you know what you're doing, the colors will most likely not look good together. Using pure black is also a big no-no. It almost never looks good on anything no matter how dark the Pokémon is, so just use a darker grey if anything.

(optional) Model Separation

You don't have to do this, but it does save us time. Please note that you should ONLY do this after it's approved so you don't waste your own time, and when uploading to Dropbox, make sure you also upload the model without it being separated. We rig models now; you don't have to do this, we do it for you! You are welcome to learn from various tutorials on YouTube though.


When posting in approval there are 3 things that can happen:
1. Approved - speaks for itself, your model gets in-game. Assuming you don't have access to Dropbox already I'll send you a PM asking for your e-mail and explain to you what you need to do from there.
2. Denied - This is when I (or Mr. M) denies a model and you get an explanation on what needs to be fixed. Normally when doing so you just post the update on your approval thread, but sometimes we make it go back to feedback.
3. Jumping the Gun - What I mean by this is either getting next to no feedback in the feedback section so you assume it's fine, or you post it in approval without putting it in the feedback section first. No one is above this rule. Everything must go through feedback first, no ifs, ands, or buts

Model Recommendations

Updated list of model progress. If you are looking for a model to make please refer to this - viewtopic.php?f=94&t=19104

EDIT JamieS1211 14/7/15

Not sure what to make? Well this part of my super post is for you. We have made a list of Pokémon we feel as though need to be made faster than others and would like them to be made, so if you see anything on the list you would be interested in making, by all means take a shot at it. We would love for you to make some (please note we need the reds more then others but it's preferred to have the entire line made as an obj). ... _web#gid=0
or if you don't want to make any of those and you just want to see what has been made take a look at this list: ... ZS3c#gid=0

By wesleybruno7
#100227 Hello, I met Pixelmon mod and would like to congratulate this very good mod, I found very cool project and would like to know if I can help with anything.

I do not have much knowledge of how to modify the minecraft but am trained in computer science and could help with anything they needed. I know a little bit of java, but not practiced as much need to review the concepts, 3d modeling already used the blender, but I saw that you guys also use the techne, if I could learn to model this software.

The same way as you guys, I work and I can not dedicate all my time, but I would try to help you guys if you need anything.

I tried to find a way to send private messages on the forum but not found a way.

Have a skype or other communication tool?

Again, congratulations for the mod
By Darkri
#125861 Umm... excuse me SPG but I hope i'm not interrupting you but... I was wondering if you could teach me how to make pixelmon models. I really want to be able to help this mod out by making models but I have no idea where to start. Please help me learn how to do Modeling SPG.

Thank you for your time,
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JustRickolo » June 27th, 2014, 10:28 am wrote:the UV map link doesnt work

hightlighting something never killed anyone
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By xBeksimx
HeadHonchkrow » 08 Jul 2014 13:57 wrote:are we gunna be getting that girantina in game?

nope we are never getting that in game, because you know this isn't the Pixelmon mod or nothing. That and you know they just love to waste their time making models that wont be in the mod :P sorry but had to be a little sarcastic there. i mean really its not like they just modeled that for nothing lol.
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HeadHonchkrow » July 8th, 2014, 4:57 pm wrote:are we gunna be getting that girantina in game?

nope, i modeled it for nothing