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By gshreyansk4
#93662 I wanna help too. I tried to use techne but it doesnt see to work as in im unable to put in propper features without using the sphers and cylinders and all.
I have a big request to SPG or Mr.Masochism to upload a video or something that would help us rookies help u out. Something like a behing the scenes.
I tried making a Xerneas fr the heck of it but it didnt work. Please help.

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By Arsonist
#93663 The answer for this is all over the site, if you use the search function you'll find the answer pretty quick. Modellers for the project are using Maya and Blender, techne models are not being accepted anymore. On a side note, no current-gen pokemon are being made for legal reasons, so no Xerneas :/ I know you said it was just for the hell of it, but i sorta feel i have to tell you that.

Also, way wrong place to put this topic.

aaaaaand fixed
By lugiaisbeast101
#93724 You can always message the modelers (People with the colored names that frequently make models) to help you and such

Or *cough* look at the guides section *cough*
By Josecami
#93728 Hi, first of all currently you can't make 6 generation pokemon until generation 7 is released, also modellers use Maya or Blender. I recommend you Maya because its easier to use than Blender (In my opinion) also if you ever need help you can send me a private msg :)
Good luck modelling!
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#93780 Yup, we will totally recommend a $2000 program to use over a free one
In all seriousness though, look up the student version 3 year trial for free more or less
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By Krotuskang
#104082 When you guys say maya is there a differance between maya and maya lt? I just did the student thing... was a sweet deal, even though I have no idea what I am doing so I picked maya lt out of the two :S
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By Arsonist
#104113 I hadn't heard of Maya Lt before reading your post. Upon seeing what it does, it looks useful indeed, but i don't know anything about its modelling capabilities. From what i saw it's a re-topology and rigging tool. Perhaps it's good for modelling as well.
TLDR: I know nothing about Maya Lt, and im assuming none of the other modellers have used it either, so we won't be able to provide help with it, if something confuses you. A lot of us use Maya though, and we can help with that.