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By ilovepokemon
#74136 well, turns out we do have to replace the old party sprites for each pokemon.
Look at this picture here Image (those are the only pokemon to have a new menu icon as of now)
it shows a comparison of the new and old mini sprites, the new ones being inside green and yellow bars
so here's how this goes: Gens 1-4 get "better" positions and colors while Gen 5 gets better colors. As the old sprites were too ugly and simple so they upgraded the sprites to make them better
i have all the new sprites from the above picture in a zip file if anyone is interested in using them:
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By cannonite
#74185 Mega Venusuar looks awesome! I'm probably in the minority there but still it looks awesome. I'm not a fan of Charizard period so mega Charizard is well not that great. Blastoise looks pretty good though the chin thing is a little wierd.
By Lettucecow
#74203 Mega Blastoise looks awesome! I'm happy my fav gen 1 starter gets the coolest looking mega evolution!
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By Rzxa
#74323 Mega-Charizard has the best ability Called Drought
Mega-Blastiose has the best design
Mega-Venusaur has nothing cause the creators dislike him too