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By KuryoZT
#67356 Little news, another Mega evolution has been revealed. None other than Mega Kangaskhan.
Along with a new ability, called "Parental Bond"(translated from my french source)
So it will able to attack twice, once from the baby.
Apparently, here is MegaKangaskhan: Image

And a video where it appears:

Any opinion?

Edit: In another video, Junichi Masuda announced, still at the Pokemon World Championships Opening, the release of a Music album, with no less than 200 songs from Pokemon X&Y, how cool is that?
I personnaly love the idea, and it will be available on itunes, for those who want.
Want the video, here it is, along with a very heated crowd, I think USA made the most noise, then Japan, and then lovely France :) for obvious reasons. XD

It's kinda long though,Masuda enters at 7:34, the Kangaskhan is near 9:14, enjoy, will yall?

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By DutchKroket
#67471 These mega evolutions are the best things that gamefreak did since pokemon Emerald!

And there will be a event torchic (which I will use on my team).
Now I will have Froakie and Torchic in my epic squad!