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By AnDwHaT5
#60962 So the other day a friend (gamingnut2) showed me the Nicolas cage texturepack and i thought it was funny as hell! So i get it and go on and look and it is. Now today forgetting that i had it on started building on proxto's pixelmon journey so we can get it launched and it rained for the first time since i got that pack. What i saw... What i saw scared the living daylights out of me. This is what i saw.

Derp moments with AnDwHaT5...
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By Rzxa
#61139 Poop every poop and potatoes run the WORLD IS ENDING go to the spaceship !
*Rzxa went inside the spaceship with all the poop and potatoes *
*the spaceship flew but hit a meteorite*
By Lettucecow
#61555 LOL I know what the meme is Cheezburger is one my favorite sites lol. I was making a horrible joke lol