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By Blaze150
#59800 Hey guys so as the title says this is a place to exchange your gen 5 and when it comes out gen 6 friend codes and fell free to organise battles if you want to

anyway so my Black friend code is
2838 8875 9116
so there if ya wanna battle me just put down the time date and rules of the battle and don't forget to add your reigon as well

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#59817 chances are, gen 6 wont use friend codes, it will be hooked up to miiverse by the time the game comes out, if not, it will hook up at the end of the year, and gen 6 friend code are just your 3ds friend codes, it isnt anything like the ds games
By Blaze150
#59825 yeah I know they have like friends and stuff not friend codes but I meant like ya know whatever they use