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By AnDwHaT5
Css1234567890123 wrote:
AnDwHaT5 wrote:Image
You must be doing it wrong i have no issue.

Ugh, k I'll figure it out, thanks for helping AnD.

By Waterboyr
#58267 Okay you can decide whatever you can do best.
I want a Koga gym leader cape so you can make it Koga on there which you wouldn't really have room for... Golbat or Muk or the gym badge or Weezing or something and lots of dark and purple colors... Like a gym leaders cape because I'm a gym leader on a server so yeah.
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By Dark Prinplup
#58294 If its not a problem Can you make me a mudkip cape? and will people on the server have to have the mod to see it?