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By AnDwHaT5
#56739 So i was thinking we should totaly battle each other in gen5 if anyone has the time and wifi. It would be a good way to pass the time and if this gets popular i can set up a tourny bracket right here. So if you want to join in comment below this will require you to have:
Pokemon white 1 or 2 or pokemon black 1 or 2
a ds system of some sort
wifi connection
you knowing your palpad code
3 pokemon

This will be going by flat rules. 3 pokemon no specials and level 50 and below. To join just put this below. This will also take place at around 3 pm eastern standered time today.

Do you want to join:
Do you have the requirements:
Palpad code:
can you be on at the specified time:

If we get more then 5 people i will make a tourny bracket else then we will just battle each other : P happy battles.

#59588 That's a good idea! But I can't do it:
-I haven't played Gen. 5 games for a long time;
-I prefer Platinum or Soul Silver;
-Because I'm in Italy and most of you in America, the connection won't be the best because of the Italian connections;
So sorry AnDwHaT5 :(.
Anyway, can you tell me where are you from and how is the connection there? Use if you don't know how to do it.
Thanks :).
By karrybird
#59591 oooh i'll join! i meet the requirements i think :)
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By MinerKombat1557
#59654 ill try

Do you want to join: yes
Do you have the requirements: all pokes i wanna use below 50 :)
Palpad code: 5287 3033 3700
can you be on at the specified time: im in aus, so idk, but i think i can
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By AnDwHaT5
#59706 Ok since people are now joining i will have to make a new schedule for the battles. We will also have a live chat. If we get 5 people i will hold it.
By Firespar
no specials

What the heck is a special? No special attackers? What kind of BS rule is that?
By Firespar
AnDwHaT5 wrote:A special as nintendo is referred to as a legendary. For instance zekrom is a special.

Oh, weird, I thought they referred to legendaries as legendaries. :/
By Firespar
AnDwHaT5 wrote:Depends when you go into competitive battling they are called specials.

No, they're called Pokemon. Nice try. I've been a member of Smogon for some time now, and I've been playing competitively since DPPt. In competitive battling, there's no difference between legendaries and all the other Pokemon. Tier matters, not legendary status. If a legendary Pokemon is deemed broken, it ends up in Ubers. Otherwise it's just another Pokemon.