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#55726 Hi everyone,
As you can see from the title I ask you: what's your favourite/hated pokemon type?
I really love the Water type and, because Lugia is my favourite Pokémon, I like Psychic type. I like Dragon type because of Palkia my second favourite Pokémon (and he is water too).
I hate the Rock/Ground type: they're really weak :/.

By Lettucecow
#55744 I like water/dark/grass/fire and especially normal
I hate rock/ground/ and SOME bug types
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By BlueRex
#55756 Why are you guys hating on ground? There's Nidoking/Queen, Steelix, Swampert, Flygon, Groudon, and Garchomp just to name a few. Also, it has one of the best moves ever... earthquake!

..besides that little rant, my favorites are water, fire, flying, and ground (not in any order). Not a big fan of most bug or dark type pokemon.
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By Kyiv
#55927 I really like Psychic/Grass/Fairy (lol)/Electric
I really hate Dragon (Too Mainstream,OP)/Normal/Fire/Ghost
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By Rzxa
#55936 MY FAVES
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By Rzxa
Kyiv wrote:I really like Psychic/Grass/Fairy (lol)/Electric
I really hate Dragon (Too Mainstream,OP)/Normal/Fire/Ghost

Ironic since your avatar is a latias
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By Overreactedosbol
#55967 I luv Ice and Fairy, cause it beats up dragons. And i hate Poison and Steel, becuz my pokemon are somehow always affected by those annoying types.
By Blaze150
#56671 My Favourite Type is
Fire and Dark
I don't really have any hated types but there are two type combos that I hate
Ice/Water cause im about to destroy them with fire but then I remember that they're water
and Water/Dragon cause
Well you know who... unh why.
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By zero_breaker
#56705 Favourite? Dark and Steel aka BISHARP
Ground comes second :3

I hate Water types because THEY ARE EVERYWHERE! Heck, they're more common than Normal type!
Also, Fighting type (not really) because they are SE on Steel and Dark, especially Bisharp. ESPECIALLY BISHARP. FML