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Krystal the Phione~ wrote:
SPG wrote:most people here like it, mainly because they are scrubs and started with that one.

I found Gen 3 to be a great set of games and I started with Blue version. I didn't have any problems with the game and still play it today. Don't assume most people like it because it's the game they started with. I do agree with you on one thing though... There is a bit too much water. >.<

key words MOST PEOPLE
i know not everyone started there, I do know for a fact most people here have though

By The_Nanobots
#55353 I didn't particularly enjoy the gen 3 games(the firered remake could have been SO much better, guess I will have to wait for the next remake of it) I liked most of the gen 3 pokemon though.
By karrybird
#55432 imo the games were bad, but i really liked a lot of pokemon that the gen introduced (trapinch, manectric, zigzagoon, breloom, nincada <3 )
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By Rzxa
#56319 It get quite boring on playing gen 3 games sometimes
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By DutchKroket
#56346 I never heard about people hating gen 3 (I kill everyone who does)
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By Rzxa
#56348 I HATE GEN 3
Dutchy Kill Me Now!
By The_Nanobots
Jack_Attack12 wrote:Gen 3 had the best music though =3 No-one can deny that!

*Denys it* Gen 1 had the best music.
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By killthepast
#56414 Gen 1 was good
Gen 3 is meh
Gen 4 is AMAZING, It invented most OU pokes
Gen 5 is, cewl
Gen 6 will be awesome