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By Kuwoobie
#55080 Ever since the first Gameboy games came to the United States in the 1990s, I have been fascinated by Pokémon.

I spent countless hours playing the games and battling/trading with my friends at school. It was a great deal of fun, especially being unbeatable with my team I spent day and night grinding their levels up defeating the Elite 4 over and over. Not only was I the most skilled, but my Pokémon were lightyears ahead of my classmates in terms of raw power.

Then one day...


Suddenly everyone had level 100 Pokémon because of this rare candy dupe. Sad really... but there was more to it than that, I found.

Since then I became obsessed with Missingno. and other glitches in the game. I spent more time experimenting and tinkering with the game's secrets than I did with the game itself. I wandered across vast alternate realities of the game's "glitch worlds" in search of even more secrets, and eventually found the Holy Grail without GameShark or any Nintendo Events... Mew. I had found Mew in the game without any third-party hacking devices or help from Nintendo. I felt like a god. Mind you, this was before even Gold and Silver versions existed.

Today, I spent a tremendous amount of time reading and researching possible real-life equivalents to Missingno. All things unknown and... terrifying-- mostly dealing with matters regarding OBE, psychology, metaphysics, physics, theoretical physics, the occult, among other things. What I have learned, for the most part, is that the world we live in is very much like that of the Pokémon game, or games in general. Everything seems to run off of extremely organized coding and sequences of events-- and just like in video games... there are glitches... as well as things that are not meant to be seen by the "players."


Many years have gone by, and there are a few things I really want to try-- but I am cautious. In a game, if your "player data" becomes corrupt, you can simple delete it and start over. Should I take a risk, and prove successful, I could very well be unlocking the doors to something new and wonderful. There are so many possibilities, and I feel that now I have a tremendous understanding while at the same time I cannot even begin to describe what I am saying here. Pure madness.

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By Rzxa
#56957 Pokemon inspired me to discover minecraft so without pokemon i wouldn't be here nor play minecraft
By Lettucecow
#57302 Pokemon inspired me to stand up for myself, because one of my friends always makes fun of me for playing pokemon and i'm the smart nerd of my class so i'm made fun of enough. One day I finally snapped about a year ago he was really annoying me and making fun me and I did something i never did before.....I punched him in the face and knocked him to ground. He was unconscious for 3 minutes![He hid his head on the ground when I punched him] I got in A LOT of trouble but it was so worth it! He never bothers me about pokemon now, and I'm picked on less in school too!