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By thunderbyrd1
#54519 People that like to write lore or short storys or whatever rejoice you can post whatever you've writen here just put them in spoilers and edit your post to add new ones aswell as label them
Legion Recruit Dracens Story
Hello my name is Dracen im a Recruit in Caesars Army.
But you can call me Jayson Scott that was my name before i joined Caesars Army.
So i decided to make a long journal of my life for fun so here wastrel here is the story of my life.
So it all started with my mom and dad.
My mom Mellony Scott and my dad Carl Scott.
My mom Mellony gave birth to me in a vault somewhere in in Texas.
Something happend though.
My dad he.....he went insane and killed my mom.
My Pop Pop or my mothers father saw her dead body you see he also lived in the vault.
He grabed his shotgun and killed my dad.
He found me a dumb little 2 year old on the floor crying.
He picked me up and got some TnT he had stashed and blew up the control panel.
Somehow don't ask me how it opened the vault door and my Pop Pop took me to live in a hotel in Novac.
When i turned about 8 he taught me how to play baseball.
I was a little champion i made it too the little league chapionships.
Of course that only took winning one game to win the entire championship since it was only in Novac.
So one night a Nightkin came into the little town of Novac and killed alot of people.
My Pop Pop being the awesome person he is shot it to death with his Revolver.
That event scared him so at the time i was 12 so he thought i was old enough to learn to shoot.
He tought me to shoot with this little 9mm Pistol we found on a dead merchant during the Nightkin attack.
Then when i was about 18 my Pop Pop became Ill.
And when i was about 22 he died.
Then after he died he left me some notes.
Heres what i read.
"Dear Captain Jacob i need to pull in an old favor and i want you to kill the Scott family i don't care how just do it -The overseer.
So when i read that note i had a little hatred for the NCR who i learned were in the Mojave.
So i moved to this hotel infront of a base call McCarren and scouted out the troops to see if they were that bad.
One night i was walking around outside my hotel when i heard yelling i saw this NCR Private and a P.F.C aswell as a girl.
The Private had a gun both facing his and the girls head.
He was planning to kill himself which i was fine with the NCR killed my mom and dad.
But the girl was Innocent.
I walked to the P.F.C asking if i could help save the girl.
He said stay outta it but i couldn't so one thing lead to another and the girl was safe but he had a ripper and he was infront McCarren.
I went to try and get the ripper but he got me in the stomach and poked me in the eyes.
But i managed to hurt him enough for the P.F.C to cuff him.
Everyone was safe but my eye was dead basicly.
Later about a week later he was gonna kill himself again which once again i was fine with but he had another girl with him.
Someone named Katie.
I had to save her so while the door was locked i had a spare key to the apartment.
He was about to shoot her so i opened the door with the key too distract him.
He shot my two arms but i could recover but the girl tackled him and got the gun.
He had a knife and was about to Kill himself again so the girl this Katie talked him out of it.
As they walked out they said they were NCR which are supposed to help people.
As they saw me hurt they just walked away and pretended not to notice.
A doctor came along and patched me up aswell as taught me how to make drugs and also patch myself up when im hurt.
I was sick of this little Private keep hurting me and trying to hurt women.
So i planned to kill him that night but the problem was.
He out numbered me in gear.
So i had a plan one to get me gear and wreak my vengeance on the NCR.
Get captured by the Caesars army and try to join them.
So as my search for some person related to Caesars army i almost gave up when i heard the words.
"Halt Wastrel what buisness do you have here in Legion territory."
I said of course.
"I want to join the Legion."
He brought me to a cage in the fort and i waited for a while until a High ranking Officer in Caesars army appeared before my eyes it was.
Centurion Acuzio.
He made me do this training course and i succeeded and he let me join Caesars army.
So the first day he gathered some Recruits and we went to try and capture Repconn.
We succeeded and we won the battle for it.
Then some days later Another Centurion encountered me and couple recruits he was ordered by Caesar himself to teach us the formations.
We had some sloppy formations at first but we started to get better and we did good in the end.
The Centurions name was Tulius if your wondering by the way.
He asked us to scout out the Legate camp and we had found some Bear scum named Jackson he was a Captain.
We captured him and Tulius was Torturing him.
My favorite part was when he fed him his own hand.
We had him burned on a cross moments later.
Some time later Me and Decanus Scipio were giving these prisoners challenges to join the legion.
Most of them exceeded some of them didn't.
And Days after that I learned I have a son and his name is Brycen Scott.
The mother is unknown to me but I sent him word that I want him to join the Legion when hes old enough and that his Legion name shall be Dante if he joins.
But thats my life so far.
I had fun writing this.
Glory to Caesar Salve

Elijah Westens wasteland story
So hello there My names Elijah and i guess this is my attempt at remembering my life from the facts ive been given.
It all starts with my parents There names are Jessica Westen my mom and Randal Westen my dad.
They had a kid me and they decided to call me Elijah.
So when i was around 7 my dad died fighting for the NCR i when i heard that i was crushed.
When i was around 15 i shot my first gun you see i was walking down a road when i saw a fiend about to kill this lady so i charged at him he saw and shot me in the in the left side of my chest.
When i charged i grabed the gun from him and shot him cause i paniced the lady thanked me in a nervous voice i said i didn't mean to kill him she believed me.
After that happend my gunshot wound recovered and i miraculously survived.
When i was around 19 i went to the market to pick up some stuff for my mother when i came back the cabin i me and my mom lived i got destroyed by a big Super Mutant and my mom was dead.
When i was about 23 i joined the NCR like my father would have wanted me to.
They wanted me to patrol Mccarren so i did some Legion came by and shot one of my Friends to death.
One night we got raided by Legion and i fought as hard as i could and the Legion fell back and we won the battle.
This is my journey so far i hope tommarow brings new storys Private Westen signing off.

History of Arcanna
So Arcanna the world full of adventure with wizards rangers rogues clerics and all sorts of stuff.
You see it all started with a battle between a great ranger and wizard.
The wizard had a veriety of spells from firebolts ice beams water shields Ect.
The ranger had a veriety of bows and arrows a unholy bow a holy arrow a fire bow a ice arrow Ect.
The battle raged on for hours eventually the wizard had become victourious.
He decided to take the rangers bow and arrow and started to train himself in being a ranger.
He trained long and hard eventually being the best ranger and wizard in arcanna.
He decided to challenge Caoi Long the rogue leader and was victourious.
He once again took the rogues equipment and trained as a rogue.
Once again reaching the best rogue in arcanna.
With all his powers he decided to get the last profession being a cleric.
He challeged the most experienced cleric and was victourious once again being the best cleric in arcanna.
He decided with all his powers all the elements he had at his desposle having the powers of unholy and holy.
He decided to make hell and heaven and expand Arcanna adding continents and adding the elements to the world.
He also bestowed his cleric rogue wizard and ranger powers to Arcanna making the world more adventurious.
By giving Arcanna the elements and his powers he passed away.
Now there are humens and orcs and elfs and tons of differant races waiting to learn to be a rogue or wizard or just be a normal person.
Also its been discovered that you can combine classes if you have enough powers.
For instance you can combine ranger and rogue with the ice element to be a Ice Ninja.
So with the brave new world of Arcanna so much to explore and fight what will you do?

Wishes Can Come True
So the magic that happend at Crimson Lake.
Im the only witniss and I asure you im not insane.
So it all happend about 3 years ago when I was 15 I ran to the lake to catch some fish.
I caught a whole bunch of trout and black bass.
So when I went back home to mother she said this isn't enough for the month and asked if I could go catch some more please.
So I went back and I got a little caried away and caught about twenty fish I ran out of worms.
So I went into the woods and I was looking for something to use as bait when i found a huge worm about 1 foot long.
So I got it and started to cut pieces off to fish with I caught the first and only fish I would find that day.
It was the prettiest fish I'd ever seen it was golden and shiny and had a blue and red tail.
Alot of water started splashing up when I caught it and lost it shortly after.
After it went back into the water it started raining so I thought I would fish with the rest of the worm i got.
I didn't catch anything and the rain ended but after I saw a huge rainbow going on the waterfall of the lake.
Then I saw the fish I caught earlier swim up the rainbow waterfall and it was magical.
After that I saw the fish I caught turn into a giant dragon then fly away it was the most magical thing I had ever seen.
When I told my mother she thought I was crazy.
So when I went to bed that night I wished that dragon could be mine and we could fly together.
I woke up then next morning and I was in a field and there I saw it the dragon from yesterday rolling around in the field.
I walked up to it and it let me ride it.
We flew to the clouds and now thats where I reside ocasionally coming back to fish.
I also ocasionally get visits from the dragon and we fly together.
The last time we flew that night I wished for dragon wings and it came true.
Now we fly together every day.
So this is just a reminder that wishes can come true.

Also Feedback for peoples storys is a nice thing to add.

By Waterboyr
#54601 I will! I'll make a story soon.