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By KuryoZT
#53026 Since most of you live in America, I don't know if you can have this information.
Right now in Paris, there's an event going on called Japan Expo. I don't think I need to explain the name, do I?
And so, we have a new trailer, and a new pokemon announced.
A sword-like, steel/ghost, french name is Monorpale, seems like english too.
I'll post the trailer and pics, if you guys want to.
Did you have that one too?

Ok seems Serebii had that info too, damn.
Anyway, here's some pics:
Image Image Image

And new 3DS XL models, announced for now only in Japan, and the gold one, only in Pokemon Centers:

The trailer don't really gives any new info, just some music, and a place.

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By zero_breaker
Gen 6 just keeps becoming better and better.
By lugiaisbeast101
zero_breaker wrote:OH GOD, I LOVE THIS ONE
Gen 6 just keeps becoming better and better.

Haha, I wouldn't expect nothing less coming from you XD
But I'm enjoying this gen a lot also, we'll see how I feel when I get it.
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By Rzxa
#53038 i kinda hate that pokemon doesn't look like a poke to me but no gen hating the design is soo cool
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By KuryoZT
#53042 Well, it reminds me more of Dragon Quest, so....
But I bet it's from like a french Excalibur, some notable french swords exist, though I don't know for the name.
By karrybird
#53067 i really really like the idea behind this guy, sure it looks a bit different than what some people would want, but a ghost inhabiting a sword? that's pretty awesome!

i actually remember a sort of japanese myth that i incorporated into a character of mine a long time ago. if i remember correctly, it stated that if a sword master dies, his spirit will inhabit his sword or something along those lines. pretty neat seeing something i used a long time ago as inspiration for a new poke. :)

and being a steel/ghost type just adds to the awesome! completely eliminates the fighting type weakness. :D

i'm really diggin' all these new type combos this gen is adding.
By karrybird
osidien(withouttheB) wrote:Remember this is MY opinion

This reminds me of cofagrigus.
I like it only as a rare Pokemon like jirachi or celebi.
But thanks anyway.

well, seeing as they're both ghosts that inhabit real world items, it only makes sense they appear kinda similar.
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By KuryoZT
#53088 I love the new types combination too, seems awsome.
And swords with spirits in them are kinda common in mangas too right? So a myth wouldn't seems far off.
I just said it reminded me of other games, but a Ghost/Steel typed means, immune to Normal,Poison,Fighting, and the rest later.
I want more, more original combination.