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By charmander
#52949 Hey guys I made a new topic of my free signatures because it was getting too much feedback.
And I need a fresh start of new people wanting a signature. So please fill out this :D

Background colours:
Anything else to add to it?:

By Lettucecow
#52954 Text: Dancing, dancing is important
Pokemon: ludicolo and munclax
Background colours: green
Font: something cool looking
Anything else to add to it?: can you add music notes around the ludicolo?
Thanks in advance charmander :D
By Josecami
#52961 Text: Builder of Galtos Region!
Pokemon: Tyranitar (its my fav pokemon :D)
Background colours: I dont know something that fits with tyranitar color skin :D
Font: Idk neither something that looks cool :)
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By charmander
#52964 Well ima go to sleep, ill do them when I wake up :D
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By MissingNoL
#52966 Text: Glitchin' Since '96
Pokemon: MissingNo.
Background colours: Black.
Font: Vandalism
Anything else to add to it?: White text, to better contrast with the background
Thanks in advance, bruh. Been in need of a first signature. And have a good sleep ;o
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By emerald_ice
#52968 Text: Emerald_Ice-Life is worth Living!
Pokemon: Nidoqueen!
Background colours: Lime Green and/or Dark Blue.
Font: Cursive!
Anything else to add to it?: Can the Nidoqueen be preparing a Hyper Beam? :}
By PressXForPie
#52981 Text:I see now that the circumstances of ones birth are irrelevant; It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.
Pokemon: Mewtwo and Mew
Background colours: sky blue
Font: something that fits
Anything else to add to it?: idk
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By Kyiv
#52986 Text:Kyiv_
Pokemon:Shiny Latias
Background colours:Something in the sky
Font:Sexy Fonts
Anything else to add to it?: Put in Captions (Owner of RalleCraft)

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By Rzxa
#53022 Need a new sig
Pokemon:a Noivern Flying
Backround:Fiery Backround while in the sky
Fonts:Color Green Bold
Anything else to add to it?:none