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By Roark196
#51042 Uncreative name aside. I've been brainstorming on how to add a bit more fun on Servers. Quite alot of these may involve the Custom Npc Mod to accomplish so I'll list them under a category:

Pixelmon Only:
1. Hurdles: Encolsed Track as you jump over Iron Bars
2. Racing: Pretty Self-Explanitory
3. Swimming: Swim to the opposite side of the pool and collect Items from Frames and return them to the original side.
4. Karp Tosing: Hook a Magikarp and toss far using the momentum of water.

With Custom Npc's
1. Dogfighting: Ride on the back of flying Pokemon as you shoot you opponent down. 3 hits and you win.
2. Tauros Jousting: Mount up on a Tauros and score 3 hits on your opponent. (Haven't Tested this one much)
3. Hunting: Within a given time, gather as many specified Pokemon Drops.

If you need any of these explained further just ask.

By Polifroeg
#51099 I dont know how four will work but the npcs ones are great but the problem is a lot of npcs weapons especially the shooting ones work on pokemon
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By emerald_ice
#51184 Ha, I wouldn't be stupid enough to Fish for Magikarp. One day it's family will evolve, and then they'll want revenge.
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By Roark196
#51324 4 is what I thought of when fishing. I can Hook any water Pokemon (on the surface of water) and for some reason if you reel in just right you can send them flying. Thats how I ended up with a Lapras on my roof. I initially thought of Spears when Jousting, but I'm not sure if you can hit a mounted Player. In dogfighting, the goal is to hit the Pokemon (They would be same species and level) and score 3 points (or KO the Pokemon).
By Lettucecow
#51413 Seems interesting..