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By Umbreon1110
#48833 Well, I am OBSESSED with PokeMMO now, ( Don't get me wrong, Pixelmon is still my no.1 )
and I thought, Well now that I am decently far into the game, why not create a team? Me, currently, I have 6 badges and my team is Charizard, Venomoth, Dragonair, Seadra, Espeon, and Rydon, all level 43s. Just saying, it doesn't matter what lvl ur pokemon are or how many badges you have, you can still join. Just you need to get your first badge before you join, that's it. If you DO NOT have PokeMMO, pm me, I will give you instrusctions.

Application Format
Your Trainer's Name:
Your Team ( Please put levels ):
How many badges:
When will you be online:
Why should I trust you:
What Free pokemon do you want:
What is your " Signature " Pokémon atm?:

My Application
Your Trainer's name: Arcelios
Your Team: Charizard, Espeon, Dragonair, Seadra, Venomoth, Rydon
How Many Badges: 6
When will you be online: 11 AM - 3 PM ( Us Centeral )
Why should I trust you: Derp, I made this team!
What Free pokemon do you want: None for me :(
What is your " Signature " Pokémon ATM?: Charizard

When you join, you will get a FREE pokemon of your choice. Any pokemon that I already have acess to, at least. I can go up to Victory Road, since I only have 6 badges. You can wait if you want, to get a better pokemon. And ABSOLOUTELY NO LEGENDARIES!!! they are not in-game yet. and, If you manage to best me in a battle, you will get another free pokemon, I will train one of your pokemon, and anything else you want! I am also making a banner for this so, yea. Apply now!