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By kikkinwang
#48815 I don't know if anyone made this topic yet, but I just thought i would make one anyway. :P

What is your favorite and least favorite shiny in pokemon? Here are mine:

Favorite: Either Electivire, Ho-oh or Metagross (Gotta love dat gold/silver Metagross. :D)

Least Favorite: Bibarel... both for boring shiny AND how much I hate Bidoof/Bibarel.

Again, please let me know if anyone made such a topic yet, and if I did, I feel like an idiot. :P

By Blaze150
#49068 I don't really have a favourite shiny but I do really like (gimme a second to look up serebii)
Metagross (gotta agree with you there absolutely love shiny metagross)
Red GYARADOS!!!!!!
and I do like others but I not as much as these

M least favourite is definitely Infernape for the sole reason that I love infernape and he is the best pokemon in existence and they totally screwed up his shiny form I mean his like an ugly pink colour with like urgh purple fingers. like Seriously!

And no I don't think anyone has done this before and if they have its really old or about pixelmon not actually pokemon
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By Rzxa
#49072 I think someone made a topic like this already
But shiny charizard fave
Shiny espeon least
By Lettucecow
#49134 i like shiny hydregion and munchlax. Shiny garchomp is horrible! It just made the colors darker!