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#48507 Ok, I may not be home, but i have a phone, and a 3ds,and they both have internet. So I was wanting to know, do any of you guys have the game? and if so, do you want more fruit, or want to join someone else's town? If so fill out this app so we (and anyone else who asks you) can join your town.
I will add everyone so you dont have to notify me if you put down an app (unless you want to)
Code: Select all3DS fc:
Town Fruit:
Fruit request: (not required)
*Do you have access to the island:
Dream world Code:

3DS fc: 2062-9153-6955
Town Fruit: Oranges (I also have other fruit like coconuts^, bananas^, pears^, apples^, cherries^, lemons^, durian^, lychees^, mangoes^, and peaches^)
Fruit request: what ever isnt listed
Do you have access to the island: Nope, but I will in a few days
Dream world Code: nope lol

^=hasn't grown yet, I just have them
*=it's only for mini games really, I think its the best part of the game with other people

By karrybird
#48522 3DS fc: 0774-5656-9872
Town Fruit: cherries (along with apples, peaches, pears, lemons, lychees, durians, coconuts, bananas, mangos)
Fruit request: whatever isn't listed above.
*Do you have access to the island: yes
Dream world Code: nope