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By kikkinwang
#48751 Also, you know your rival's Alakazam? That thing would ALWAYS wipe out my party.
As well as these:
1. Trainers that look around the place. They turn around and you're like "Now's my chance to avoid that person!" he turns around again at the last minute and sees you...
2. ANY pokemon in the wild with Bind, Whirlpool, etc. (I'm looking at you Floatzel... lol)
3. Catching Mewtwo. You bring it down to low health and BAM! Recover.
4. The list goes on...
By kikkinwang
Roark196 wrote:1. Dark Crater from Myster Dungeon
2. Pokeathlon Snowball Challenge
3. Any time I search the GTS
4. PWT Champions
5. Selfdestructing Gravelers
6. Salamence from Pokemon Ranger
7. Turnback Cave

Ah, I know how you feel about the GTS and Gravelers.
By kikkinwang
Roark196 wrote:Yeah, everyone wants a lvl 9 and under Zekrom. I made an offer, and someone gave me a Graveler, holding an Everstone...

Hmm... well that sucks.

I just traded for my Golem. :/

...and someone named it GROLEM for some reason.
By Blaze150
#49457 when I found a shiny graveler on diamond and when I went to fight my rival he bought out snorlax and then my game froze
and at that exact spot everytime I caught a snubble it would freeze
also I had spent 998 hours playing diamond then I lost it and haven't found it since with 4 stars on my trainer card and the national dex finished
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By Arrow
#49774 Well sometimes i forget to put a pokemon with fly in my party than i have to run all the way back to the pc... this happens alot with HM and me, I'm a very forgetful person
By Waterboyr
#50615 Um so I used to love the Diamond game but then I played the Leaf Green one. Then I was like not as into pokemon for two years. Then I played Leaf Green. I started up Platinum and was like "The graphics too 3-D whats with all of this different stuff!"

lol so basically you get used to this pokemon generation and go to the other and it's like ugh. Well sometimes but it's happened multiple times fro I have lots of pokemon games and etc.