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By LilacLily
#50242 0/10. >=<
No. Jk. You are awesome in every way. Keep at it. Just don't stop us at 3 in the forum game, and we're good. xD 8/10 for being epic, 1/10 extra for loving Palkia. 9/10.

By Waterboyr
#50292 I think his honesty is needed. Someone needs to do it and no one else does. Like he gave me a slap back to reality when I was like getting mad at this person for posting on the roleplay without permission... I was angry and I needed that!
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By Rzxa
#55990 7/10 now since you get mad when we say
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By AnDwHaT5
#56013 10 you are prob the best mod or admin i have seen on forums. Well actually the entire team is a 10 out of 10. Never a single issue and everything is taken accordingly to the situation. GOOD JOB!
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By Wx16
#56021 9/10

Contrary to (somewhat) popular belief, I think that you really handle yourself well and have a lot of patience. You may come off as a bit too straightforward from your past posts but I feel that you have good intentions. You are very active on the forum so you are a great asset to Pixelmon.

(Not sucking up, honest.) :P
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By Tom_X
#56287 This rating is somewhat predictable, the ones that know you like you, the ones who don't admire you and the ones who know you more or less tend to give you a 7-9 :)
Well, apart from the fact that you certainly aren't an easy person to like, you sure make your way to awesomeness with sharp comments, a huge amount of sarcasm, a little rule-breaking here and there, and an overall attitude of not caring about other's opinions of you.
That's enough for a 10 to me, sir