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#46704 This comes up A LOT, I just want to know on a scale of 1-10, how much you guys haate me, or like me, 1 being you wish i would ip ban myself and 10 being that you cant stand the thought of me ever leaving (which i doubt I will do any time soon)
I would also like an explanation (if you want to)of what you think along with the rating so it could help me improve myself, I'm doing this a bit late, but its better now then later

from what i have noticed, I would think the average would be a 6 or a 7, be brutally honest please

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By DutchKroket
#46711 8, you are always honest, which is good but sometimes a bit painfull. But you are a good lad xD.
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By KuryoZT
#46715 So, it's how much we can support you more than hate you right?
I'd say 10, I don't want to be banned.

But seriously, 8 would be good.

Sure you say harsh things,that's where you lost a point for me, but that's just part of your personnality, and if we learn to look further, you usually mean no real harm. You also seem to know about that, but have don't seem to want or see the need to change that part, and I like that.

Also, you can say some funny things, totally outta the blue, sometimes relevant to the situation, but I usually end up either having a good laugh, or really hungry, and that's where you lost another point.
Want more details?
By lugiaisbeast101
#46717 10

You never gave me a reason to utterly dislike you, in fact, you made my day quite a lot with some of your comments. Some individuals just can't take the hard truth of a matter and want someone to say it in a kind way, which you sometimes don't do and which is why this is up in the first place. In reality, there's isn't going to be many people who try to butter things up for you, but many don't like to accept that fact.
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By Hiroku
#47088 9.
Although you do seem hard to get along with for a start, you are actually very selfless. You're also persistent, have a good sense of justice and fairness, the only really negative thing about you being your stubborn one-sidedness, but we all know Im the same so its cool :)
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By Haunts
#47159 8, I think you can be a little difficult at times, but I know I'm worse :p
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By Kyiv
#47165 10, I like you a lot! You are to me like a leader of the pack, and also you are very smart.
By Waterboyr
#47269 8.5/10

I guess I mean I don't like you to ten but that's just because I really don't know you on the forums that that well. But you are active and good and fix many problems as a moderator.