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By KuryoZT
#46440 Strong to dragon, isn't that the only thing we know?
So as thoughts, I'll wait to express myself.
But the name isn't doing it for me right now -_- , a bit too girly maybe, I don't know. I'll wait until it sinked in to really say my mind.
But dragons are absolutly no more OP now, that's for sure, but whether they were before is up to debate I think. Maybe some, but not all.
By The_Nanobots
#46445 Assuming Azumarill gets the fairy type upon evolution it is going to be the Garchomp of 6th gen if fairy gets resistance to dragon.
By Lafiel
SPG wrote:I still stand by liking the concept and hating the name

The name is perfect.

Because fairy is not actually a single type of creature, is is a category for different myth creatures.

Their been gods, dragons, demons, undead creatures, and much much more.

That is under the category of fairies.

Only how we use fairy today is it a small winging creature.

So if they go by the myths, they could make almost any design and it would fit under it.

Like the new deer legendary, their been deer fairies in myths, and also a god deer that was a fairy.
By Lettucecow
#46580 I don't have any problems with it, But if the new mewtwo form is fairy I won't be too happy.
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By KuryoZT
Lafiel wrote:stuff.

Since you're gonna put the origins, so shall I.

The word "Fairy" comes from the old french "Faierie", that gave in current french "feerique". Something "feerique" is something that gives a feeling of "out of this world". So mythical creatures could be put under this categorie but in old folklore, fairies always describe something of a human-like form, so dragons would be in this definition.

But in our nowadays legends and myths, fairies are, as you said, small winged human-like creatures, often looking like the elves would, but in miniature.

For both time, they're woods creature, protecting Mother Nature for most, having their ways with "useless"/"weak" humans for pure fun.
Current fairies would use "peacefull" magic, but gnomes and demons would be more proficient to play some kind of prank, don't you think? That's the way they're portraied(?). Some also put dead's spirits, or fallen angels as fairies. Now, that wouldn't work in Pokemon, would it? Those would be put in "Ghost"

So, the type Fairy that nintendo put out could be as well called Elf in Occident. (I think that's the case for Germany, but we'd need confirmation for that)
Both are ear-pointed, comes from wood, "protect Mother Nature", lives in harmony with the woods they're protecting. So if you take out the act they are told to have wings and be of small stature, this stands its ground in my opinion.

But I'm here to say my theory, now your roles are to find faults in there ^.
Of course, my main source in there was Wikipedia, but also my mermory, some books I read, some stuff I heard, some things I've "analysed" on my own. So please, find my faults.

For now, I'll be on SPG's side, the concept (good vs dragon) is good, but the name isn't really in my preference, I find it too girly, as most fairies comes from fairy tales (coincidence? I think not) as Elves come from Fantasy, which, as a teenage boy, I find more suited toward a type supposed to be metachanger, I mean, it's totally gonna wreck the current metagame, with all the newer legendaries being dragon, though we don't know the full weakness/advantages of this new type, the only thing official is the advantage toward dragon type, so not much.

I think I'll finish here. There's surely enough content for just a simple "I don't like the name".
What's better?
Personaly fantasy wins over fairy tales, which are more directed toward young boy and girls alike, I don't know for the age range we could give it, but it goes further for girls, there are shows for girls like Pixies, is it? Involving the myths of fairies. But Pokemon is a game pointed toward the younger generation, so maybe they'll choose to stay with "Fairy".
But the youngs wouldn't mind either would they? I just hope the name "Fairy" won't force subconsciouly GameFreak to release more girly pokemon like Sylveon (I mean it's cute, but really, it's simple to see it's for girls, I ask for a male-like Fighting eeveelutions, even Espeon/Umbreon was more subtle, they were introduces with genders, so it was a good occasion but...)

I hope my point is made, writing this like that, kinda hard. I don't wanna go into too much details for off-topic things, even though it's the off-topic thread.
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By Blaster
#46596 I have herd rumors of it being strong against Dragon, Dark and fighting but weak against Fire, Poison, Steel and Psychic. If true= Over powered.
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Blaster wrote:I have herd rumors of it being strong against Dragon, Dark and fighting but weak against Fire, Poison, Steel and Psychic. If true= Over powered.

thats not a rumor, they straight up said it on Nintendo direct when they mentioned the new type