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asazapdos wrote:Why isn't Parasect on this list?! Or is he modelled and just not released yet?

he was modeled before this list was made

By rolofiend
jeremy58589721 wrote:
karrybird wrote:but that's such a lazy way out, i'd rather just make the whole model from scratch, it would look a lot better.

lazy, maybe
quicker, yes
better looking if from scratch, idk (like i said they are pretty much the same feature wise)

but its just a suggestion, to get gen 1 done even sooner :P

Hm, i dont think that will happen. JUST SAYING.
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By Tom_X
CharmeleonMaster wrote:When will the mod be updated for 1.6.1?

A week after people starts asking for it, or when we begin to feel sorry for finishing the release and not having released it. Whichever happens first, I guess.....
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By Tom_X
emerald_ice wrote:I want the monays ;-; Unfortunately, I'm a horrid modeller in comparison to some of the other's 'competing'

If you start off by telling yourself you're a bad modeller, of course your models will suck. You have to think you're better than everyone else!
Besides, don't look at other people's job, that'll just discourage you before you even begin.
Just sayin' ;)