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By LilacLily
The_Nanobots wrote:Tarantulas...

I didn't look up/scratch my head =3

By The_Nanobots
ryancpexpert wrote:you can play games with dogs.

Scaring people with tarantula > Throwing a ball repetitively to a dog
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By Rzxa
karrybird wrote:birds of course, so fluffy and adorable :)

How are they fluffy they don't even have fur ?
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My favorite animal is dogs
But I hate cats so much
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By Rzxa
#45089 yeah dog ftw if someone says cat here im gonna get angry
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By Rzxa
#45114 *facepalm*
pokemon are not real
im gonna get alot of hate saying that
By Launchpad
#45127 All my pets died as a pets are whatever