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we love pokemon

By victini
#43912 how many all of you people that love pokemon to the core keep your pokemon nerdness a secret Irl

things like your friends best friends dose not know about

or are you happy and let the world know that you love pokemon

if you ever told someone you loved pokemon how did he/she react to this did she think it was childish

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#43921 i'll tell my friends, but i only tell others if it comes up in conversation, i dont just say "hey! i play pokemon"
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By ZeeCount
#43933 It's a bit like being a brony for me; I mean, it's just a game/show right? It's not like you have to run up to everyone person you meet and shout "You must acknowledge my love for Pokemon!". If a conversation ends up in that direction then I'll let 'em know, bit most of the time once it comes up people don't even care lol.
By The_Nanobots
#44021 I'll say I love pokemon. People usually call me a nerd, (which isn't far from the truth) but I've pretty much lost the ability to hear insults.
By Lettucecow
#44034 I love pokemon and most of my friends do too, but 1 of them plays call of duty, and accuses pokemon of being for gay faggots. I never bring pokemon up when im with him, cause he will just insult me. [ aside from the insula about liking pokemon he is a good friend, but it annoys me]
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By KuryoZT
TheSoulSaver wrote:I'd Get a new friend, LettuceCow. Call of Duty cannot amount up to Pokemon.

It's a game in its own right. Different people have different opinions. I love playing Pixelmon, Pokemon, Call of Duty, and many other games. ranging from 7+ to 18+, I'm an all out player. I guess that's why I respect everyone opinions, and I seem often the only one.
By Lettucecow
TheSoulSaver wrote:I'd Get a new friend, LettuceCow. Call of Fail cannot amount up to Pokemon.

Ive know him since 1st grade, were best friends, so i usally let it go, but it sometimes gets to me ya know?
I try and be forgiving and patent so i just don't speak of it when hes around, he is a good friend besides that though just saying.