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By MasterZigZag
#73688 IGN:Thezigzagjunior

I had a Gmail account and my cousin wanted to make a YouTube account with this email. I was wearing a shirt that said Zig Zag. ZigZag didn't work, thezigzag didn't work, so we tried Thezigzagjunior and it worked. So it stuck for a while.

My friend on Skype was bored and renamed me MasterZigZag then it stuck, still with me. Wish I could change my MineCraft name though.

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By Datmusic
#80172 Mine was I thought of people saying Dat and I liked Music. So I created Datmusic :D :p
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By cannonite
#80231 I needed a name for a character in Terraria I was bored of my previous name blastice so I decided
blast= cannon
and the ite part well that was random but it has stuck for a while I have no intention of changing it.
By Lifegrasp180
#80320 I always loved Wizards and their ability to throw dangerous, volatile things from their hands although i played pokemon recently and was always a fan of grass types. i associated plants with life so Life plus grasp.

basically if you see a name with some sort of element fire,water,earth,etc with the word grasp at the end it's probably me.
By TerraBullGamer
#84807 Ok first off, my favorite pokemon at the moment is Torterra, so I took the last bit, "Terra." Then I debated between Ball, Bowl, and Bull to add as a suffix to make it sound like the word "Terrible," because I am and always will be terrible at games, but I love gaming, thus making me a TerrabullGamer.
By cyanide64
#84825 Cyanide was the most deadly thing i could think of when i was a kid. It filled my Wolfenstein high score board. The 64 came when i created a hotmail account back in 96. Can't believe 63 people still beat me to the punch.