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By Lettucecow
#43056 My username orginated from my actual last name. My last name means lettuce in italian, and my friends usually call me lettuce instead of my first name, so i just slapped cow at the end cause i love being the odd one out :D.

By Azrielx123
#44265 The origin started when i first got addicted to online games (when i was 6) i played habbo and chose the name -=a-kid13=- made another just called a-kid13 the a came from the first letter in my name. I then went to neopets cause at the time my brother was heavily addicted to pokemon. I made an account called ace132 because ace was a nickname given to me and 132 was the order of ratchet and clank games i got, i got the first, then the third and finaly the second.. Anyway i also made that for club penguin (i waa like 9 at this time) and then chose to play a cool game thing called byond. I made an account called zerox123 because im stupid. Anyway i chose the name azrielx123 after i found it wasnt taken and thats where i become a full nerd. With tht name. I then went to play roblox because i love creative games.. For about 2 years.. Then i decided to make a youtube with the name azrielx123 too, a couple of weeks after i discoverd minecraft, my friend sent me the cracked version and a couple of weeks later it was my birthday and i bought a minecraft account with the same name. Ans that is the berry ... I mean very. Long journey of the name :P
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By minecraftOclock
#44423 well im 5oClock, oh potatoes wait a sec, here comes the question of where 5oClock came from. Good luck, guise, you guess is as good as mine, but the one thing i know is i invented it at about age 5 (and im 14.) playing the age-old classic FPS Wolfenstein Enemy Territory. Say "I" if you remember that game.

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By SuperiorSnayke
#44760 me and my brothers had to come up with our own mispelled animal names and i chose snake and out came snayke and we had to have a adjetive to go before it so i chose superior and so superiorsnayke was formed. (and also fiercefawx :3)
By Waterboyr
#45259 When I was little I made up a bunch of heroes called waterboy, lightingboy, and grass boy. There was a bad guy, fireboy.

They all controlled that element and fireboy had a red costume and hair, waterboy blue costume (I don't think blue hair), and etc.

Originally it was waterboy and fireboy only. At school when I was young we had free write and drawing so I made stories on their adventures.

I want to be an author one day, so that was kind of like a first story for me. I loved waterboy the most because my whole life when I was in elementary school I wanted to be waterboy.

I never had a username throughout that time so I finally realized hey I could use this. I never thought of the waterboy football wise so waterboy was taken. I added my first initial to the end and got Waterboyr. I now use that as much as possible, and when I can't I do something similar.