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By zero_breaker
#40046 Just want to see how everyone get their username.

Mine is my OC(Original Character), I'm kinda making a story for him, but I'm lazy :P

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#40069 Super mario galaxy just came out, i liked palkia, and i just replaced mario with palkia, creative i know. In 2009 someone commented on my video and called me SPG i liked it, i stuck with
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By DutchKroket
#40095 I wanted a original name, one that I could be proud of and I wanted them all to know where I am from.

So I came up with Dutch, but yea, that username was taken (ofc). So I added one of my favorite food things, which is the 'kroket', thats how I came up with DutchKroket xD.
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By ZeeCount
#40102 I was going to call myself just Zee, in reference to the medic from TF2 (Zee dispenser goes here!) but there was already a "Zee" in competitive TF2 at the time, so I added Count to the end.
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By Rzxa
#40103 i was making my minecraft account i was typing all the usernames i wanna get but all of them were taken during that time megaman zx advent was my favorite game during that time so i type zxa but i was thinking why not put my first letter on my name so i put Rzxa but i usually Make my others accounts name FireRzxa cause fire is awesome
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By Tom_X
#40227 I'm named Tom... and the X is because just Tom seems way too lazy and un-original.
Yes, I know the "X" hasn't been original for ages now, but who cares. Still much better than my old username.