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By KuryoZT
#36660 And you really think this belongs in genral discussion? If it were about pixelmon why not, I'd be against it but meh... There's an off topic section for that.
By jeremy58589721
#36722 i hate the pillsbury doughboy pokes. i mean come on, it cant tickle that much. with the size of th edoughboy and the size of the finger it actually has to hurt alot and cause alot of internal bruising.
By karrybird
#36891 the majority of gen 1 : )
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By Zero_Dude
#36898 Pokemon in general: I hate Hypno. It's such a creepy Pokemon.

In Pixelmon: All of the poison types. Not because of their models, but because they seem to be everywhere
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By Tom_X
karrybird wrote:the majority of gen 5 : )

Much better :)
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By Rzxa
#36980 I think I don't really like gen 2 pokemon except crobat cause he's freaking awesome
By Sonofleo
#37006 I personally hate all Poison types :/. but i really hate Vaniluxe or whatever its name was. i was doing a nuzlocke run and i found one and IT wont fudging let me go! Plus My team was grass types :/. So yah. FUDGING HATE IT. But now im starting a new nuzlocke run