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By Sonofleo
#36550 My first starter was Totodile :3 I loved Heartgold and Water types so i chose It :3

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#39434 bulbasaur, back then i didnt care to take the time to train or catch other pokemon, i just wanted to beat it as fast as i could (that doesnt include hm slaves to throw out to use max revives)
By Waterboyr
karrybird wrote:piplup in diamond, proud to have that amazing game as my first.
though just because diamond was my first game doesn't mean i'm new to the series, not by any means. (watched the anime since it first aired in america all those centuries ago)
i just was not a gamer when i was that young.

that being said, i hate the older gens with a burning passion :)
but everyone should know that by now :3

EXACT same story here!
But like the old gens too I just got them later...
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By Rzxa
#39464 Gen 3 is cool
Gen 2 never played it
Gen 1 never played it
By Waterboyr
#39470 Gen 1: Not played
Gen 2: Not played
Gen 3: Leaf Green I've played and it's as good or better than the new ones
Gen 4: Sinnoh is good for younger and Johto is pretty good
Gen 5: Unova is well just overall *barfs
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By Burgy
#39471 Charmander on the original Red for Gameboy Colour.
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By Rzxa
#39477 Black and white 2 was freaking awesome and it was easy to get choice items there
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Rzxa wrote:Black and white 2 was freaking awesome and it was easy to get choice items there

that is really far off topic, and im not even sure what made you start