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By Rzxa
#36108 Guys I made this topic because I haven't seen one
My first ever starter was piplup if I count pokemon darkcry as my first game
But if i dont count the rom hack games then my first starter was squirtle I over leveled that little guy then he reach about the 80s levels but unfortunately My game just closed itself while I was saving so I never saw it ever again :(

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By Jack_Attack12
#36182 My first starter was Bulbasaur! i was little at the time, so i wasnt sure how to play. So bulba(the nickname i gave it) was my only pokemon up untill the 6th gym, then my friend taught me how to catch a pokemon. :{D then seadra and bulba where my only 2 pokemon up untill the e4 then i got a mr.mime!
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By Rzxa
#36207 I imagined how would it be super hard for you In The game with only one pokemon
By Waterboyr
#36219 My first was Turtwig, pkemon Diamond. My first ever pokemon technically was totodile in the older pokemon mystery dungeon.
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By Kyiv
#36301 Sadly it was Piplup in Pokemon Platinum when I started pokemon again.
By Lettucecow
#36309 When i was 6 my mom dragged me to the mall, when we were on the line to the cashier i saw a bright green gameboy carttrige. i asked mom if i could ge tit and she said yes. On the way home i opened and put it in my gameboy, and it said pokemon emerald. I was like what is a pokemon??? after a figured out how to get past the tutarial i choose treeko. I soloed the game with sceptile and owned everything.The very same sceptile is currently in my black 2 and i concerd the whole black tower with it. Sceptile is my favorite pokemon to date and emerald is my favorite game. I have to thank sceptile for all the good memories ^.^
By karrybird
#36463 piplup in diamond, proud to have that amazing game as my first.
though just because diamond was my first game doesn't mean i'm new to the series, not by any means. (watched the anime since it first aired in america all those centuries ago)
i just was not a gamer when i was that young.

that being said, i hate the older gens with a burning passion :)
but everyone should know that by now :3
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By Dark Prinplup
#36503 My first was a Female bulbasaur. I was 5 and i named it Venus. It reminded me of a venus fly trap. I beat the game using a Venasaur and a Dugtrio
By creedican
#36529 My first starter was an Cyndaquil on my new game. I also played on my friends spare card so I must say charmander if that counts.