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By mcnoahbuddy
#140389 hey If you dont mind making me one I would like this
name: Bipen
items: 1 or 2 would like to see what you can do since you make some amazing sigs
can you add a shiny ampharos and if you can add evolvecraft head admin that would be really cool

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By noclueumbreon
#140513 Background Colour? Dark grey

Items: poke ball

One character, Pokemon or item Umbreon Morph (umbreon mix boy)

Display Name Preferred:dysu12345(Bankgothic bold font)

Anything Else?:Umbreon in background, dark brown space shuttle shirt on the Umbreon morph,only top half of Umbreon Morph. I hope this is not too much to ask :x :ninja:
By Jaykubz
#141474 Could I get a big icon that could go for almost anything and has Jaykubz along with a dark black back ground and golden or neon dark blue as other colors I am not very picky but just do something that looks cool and im sure ill love it! :-D -Thxs Jaykubz