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By Turtman9899
#139448 Background: A lighter black/navy blue color.
Characters: Robin and Lucina from Fire Emblem
Name: Turt or Turticus, whichever is easier bae
Anything else: Have their swords crossing above my name. Make it look pretty sweggy G. Also good luck on the logo ;3
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By bloxmiester
#139780 Background: White and an icey light blue, but I'm not quite sure about it so feel free to make it any colours you think look nice.
Characters: Korra and Naga from The Legend of Korra (If only one is allowed, just Korra please :P)
Name: Blox
Items: Only one or two things please.
Anything else: If it's just Korra, can you make her with either her arms crossed like Image
or flexing like
Also, if you could put the quote "When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change" below my name that would be great. Sorry for asking for so many specifics.
Thanks so much in advance :)
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By Burgy
#140282 Haha yeah, no worries. I've never watched the show so i wasn't sure if she was actually black from that image or if it was the lighting lol.
Burgy said this on a different forum wrote:The site is back up at and you can access the old site at

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