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By Scalade
#130154 Hey Burgy, I can see you're extremely busy, whenever you have time to do me a signature I'd really appreciate that!

I'd just like a Cryogonal and my display name Scalade, no preference on a background, I'd like to see what you could come up with - but something darker so the pokemon and the name stands out would be great!

Kind regards :)
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By Burgy
#130846 Sorry guys with my demotion, work and personal things. These few are not going to be finished. I hope to keep this thread up though so I can look through all of my work later.

I have asked AnimaLOL to lock this thread as I no longer can
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By MrRiolu
#134717 Horizon:Sunset
background:Ice Biome
Drawing or 3d scene:I want it to be 3d and i want myself riding a walrein and a riolu is running with us.
Size:To put as my sig
Anything else:I dont have a minecraft account yet im getting it in 2weeks :/ so please use this skin as me: ... alrus-Here