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By Burgy
ExecutedLast » Sun Jun 22, 2014 1:09 pm wrote:Sky Colour; A light red sky.
Horizon: Sunset
Background: Village
Clouds: Clouds
Drawing or 3D scene: Rendered In 3D
Pose/Scene: A Togekiss flying to a village
Username or none: ExecutedLast
(Optional)Image Size (Max Height for banners is 150px and Avatars need to be square): Signature Size
Anything else? And if you can make the picture look bright.

Wrong format
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By joshua_DA
#128532 Background Colour?: sky blue

Items clear sparkling sea, clouds, rainbow, tiny text saying: magikarp used splash, it's super effective

One character, Pokemon or item: Magikarp

Display Name Preferred: joshua_DA

Anything Else?: make it so that the result is a marvelous magikarp jumping/splashing out of a clear sparkling sea on a clear day under a rainbow ( trying to be specific and artistic in my typing at the same time) can i have is drawn pls :3 ty