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By END51
#127310 Background Colour?:
Items (Only 1 of the 3);
One character or Item: The Trainer with the white hair? You've done him before. Don't know his name :P.

Display Name Preferred: End

Anything Else?: Can you make it very vibrant? Can it be tough looking :P?

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By JustRickolo
Burgy » 20 Jun 2014 01:43 wrote:Here's for @OrtonSaf

Sick of drawing for right now so if you guys don't mind, this week I'm thinking of doing some GFX instead ^.^

thats no problem Burgy, you can take some rest after the drawing :D
By Vikerus
#128053 Thanks for wasting all your drawing finesse on me <3
You guys can see what burgy made for me on my site and forum backgrounds, it's really neat work :D
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By Burgy
#128054 Check your Skype man @Vikerus

EDIT: I'm wiping the current requests and opening up for new ones now because i'm not even sure my last one that I just made will ever get used. So if you are active and still want a signature, now's the time to request.
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By bloxmiester
#128094 Hi I'm here and I would still like my sig please, this was my request:

Background colour: Dark Grey, Blue (that electric blue like on zekrom's tail if you can get it)

Items: Only 1 or 2 things please
Character: An Ampharos
Display name: Blox
Anything else: If you can put EvolveCraft somewhere on it, that would be great

Thanks for your time, I really appreciate you doing this for people, and for free! You are really talented!
By Cyndaquil
#128102 Background Colour? Red and Yellow

Items:? None

One character, Pokemon or item? Cyndaquil

Display Name Preferred: Biagio123 Plays Pixelmon

Anything Else?: Could you make Cyndaquil shoot Ember or Flamethower?