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By S_Kunai
#124610 I'll check out Photoshop CS5. In regards to your watermark question, I have always found the translucent image to be a real bother. But your signature or something in the corner is not unreasonable at all. You deserve credit for your art.

By VeryTallMidget
#124624 Background Colour? (List off a few colours) Light Blue, Light Brown, A bit like Mud

Items (Only one or two things please); None

One character, Pokemon or item [Specify Please] Mudkip (Centered)

Display Name Preferred: Team Mudkip (Orange Letters) (Centered) (On a Sky Blue Bannner)

Anything Else?: Take your time :)
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By bloxmiester
#124989 Background colour: Dark Grey, Blue (that electric blue like on zekrom's tail if you can get it)

Items: Only 1 or 2 things please
Character: An Ampharos
Display name: Blox
Anything else: If you can put EvolveCraft somewhere on it, that would be great

Thanks for your time, I really appreciate you doing this for people, and for free! You are really talented!
:D (I know you're on hiatus, but when you have time)
By MinecraftXyo
Burgy » 10 May 2014 21:45 wrote:Image

(To add anything extra to a signature, such as that hat. You would need to pay for Tier 1; I also decided that Blue and White Bokeh would be a better background than what you suggested)

:o I don't even care about the hat, that looks beautiful! I love the way Pikachu is crossing his arms. :lol:
By kmks_respawn
#125283 Sky Color: orange and the usual colors at sunset. Like a soft purple or pink
Horizontal: Clouds partially covering the sunset (not fully)
Background: The top of bell sprout tower
Clouds: The kind you see during a sunset
3D scene of gold not he top of bell sprout tower looking down at his feet with a mew hovering the the left of him and a mew two hovering to the right of him. Neither need to be in their shiny forms but u could make them shiny if you wish.