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By S_Kunai
Burgy » 22 Apr 2014 18:20 wrote:I do 4 u bb ~~~~
I've also been thinking...
Should I remove the 5 person limit and the 1 signature per person rule?
I haven't been getting many requests and I'd like to do more signatures to better my art ^.^
If you would like that, like this post or reply with a comment.

For my own selfish reasons I'd love to see the one signature limit removed. However, the five person limit per week keeps things organized. I've seen shops like this get flooded with requests to the point that it is unmanageable. So I think that rule is fine. As I look over work for others you have done, I can't help admiring it. Keep it up dude!

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By Burgy
#124334 Also, sorry but I think requests will be completed a bit slower for a few weeks.
Schoolwork and I bought 4 copies of the latest Humble Bundle for me and my friends... So :p Bit pressed for free time.
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By Burgy
#124513 If you still want your signature, reply with your original post in quotes.
Other than that, I'm purging the requests board and starting fresh.

People can now order more than one signature (one per week)
By MinecraftXyo
#124552 Background Colour? (List off a few colours)
Azure, Brandeis and Cobalt (these are different shades you could use for the background, but if you want to put a colour behind the text, if that would make it look better, then please use the same colour as Pikachu's skin).

Items (Only one or two things please); An Ultra Ball.

One character, Pokemon or item [Specify Please] Pikachu.

Display Name Preferred: MinecraftXyo

Anything Else?: Could you make the text the same colour as Pikachu's cheeks?
And could you also make it so that the Pikachu is wearing a hat like this?: ... -black.jpg
Note: this is a re-post because of what you said about re-posting requests if we still want one.
By S_Kunai
#124553 I guess I'll take advantage of the new rule. Told you I had my own selfish reasons.

Background Colour? (List off a few colours):
Some sort of blue or oceanic background.

Items (Only one or two things please);:

One character, Pokemon or item [Specify Please]:
A sea lion. This time I am looking for a more universal signature rather than about pokemon.

Display Name Preferred:

Anything Else?:
Take your time. Since I already have a signature from you, make people without one a higher priority. The sea lion could either be swimming or be on a rock with the ocean behind it. Either way would be awesome! Your willingness to share your gift with us is admirable. Thanks.
By jack_epic
#124563 Background Colour? (List off a few colours): Name- Surprise me with the colors for the name ;)

Background: Sky and field/hills

Items (Only one or two things please);:

One character, Pokemon or item [Specify Please] : Rhyperior

Display Name Preferred: Jack

Anything Else?: Have Evolvecraft somewhere and also put your signature (like your name somewhere where it is noticeable but not too big. I want to give you credit for it, so people can find out who you are :) )


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By Burgy
#124593 Image

(To add anything extra to a signature, such as that hat. You would need to pay for Tier 1; I also decided that Blue and White Bokeh would be a better background than what you suggested)


S_Kunai wrote:Outstanding job again Burgy. I appreciate you taking the time to make this.

Thanks ^.^
I use Photoshop CS5 in regards to your PM if you see this first.


SIDENOTE: I was thinking about adding watermarks, such as my signature or a very translucent image of my profile picture on the free images so that I get credit for them. But paid images don't have them. What do you guys think?