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By jack_epic
#123201 Ah nice, I do recommend going to the Smithsonian. I also suggest going on a tour of the White House, and going to the Library of Congress!! They're nice places to visit in D.C. :), enjoy your time in D.C.
By VeryTallMidget
#123805 Background Colour? (List off a few colours) Yellow Orange, Yellow, Orange, Lemon

Items (Only one or two things please); Ultra Ball

One character, Pokemon or item [Specify Please] Jolteon

Display Name Preferred: Hector23451

Anything Else?: Make my name Red please!

And thanks for taking time out of your day to make these for other people for free! They look amazing! :D
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By Burgy
jack_epic wrote:How's Washington D.C for you? Hope you're having a good time Burgy!! :)

Home now, it was amazing. The architecture was beautiful!
Sorry I didn't get to your signatures before I left.
I was trying to get a head on my school work to minimize the shell shock when I got back, lol

I'll start tomorrow. I'm taking this day off to catch up on my sleep ^-^

(Only thing I missed in America opposed to Canada, was the Tim Horton's :p lol Dunkin' Donuts just doesn't compare.)