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By Kyiv
#122583 Background Colour: Open Sky as in White and Light Blue

Items: Skarmory

Display Name Preferred: Kyiv

Anything Else?: Make it look realistic.

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By Burgy
#122603 I do 4 u bb ~~~~
I've also been thinking...
Should I remove the 5 person limit and the 1 signature per person rule?
I haven't been getting many requests and I'd like to do more signatures to better my art ^.^
If you would like that, like this post or reply with a comment.
By MinecraftXyo
#123019 Background Colour? (List off a few colours)
Azure, Brandeis and Cobalt (these are different shades you could use for the background, but if you want to put a colour behind the text, if that would make it look better, then please use the same colour as Pikachu's skin).

Items (Only one or two things please); A Great Ball and an Ultra Ball.

One character, Pokemon or item [Specify Please] Pikachu.

Display Name Preferred: MinecraftXyo

Anything Else?: Could you make the text the same colour as Pikachu's cheeks?
And could you also make it so that the Pikachu is wearing a hat like this?: ... -black.jpg
And if it wouldn't cost anything, could you please make it the size of a Youtube banner? If that's not free, then please make it the normal signature size that everyone else is having.

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By Burgy
#123023 A YouTube banner would cost you because of the size.
But I am sorry guys, it's my birthday today so I didn't get any work done except for Vikerus' request in PM

Will start these tomorrow after work.
By jack_epic
#123034 Well here I go, hope you have the time to make it. Take your time, art like yours should not be rushed! (Not saying that you're rushing..I just don't want to pressure you into rushing it if it seems like I am).

Background Colour?
Blue and Light Green

Items (Only one or two things please); Sunset

One character, Pokemon or item [Specify Please] Tyranitar, please. (Regular one)

Display Name Preferred: Jack

Anything Else?: Evolvecraft (just somewhere where you can fit it...if you can't fit it all then put Evolvecraft please). Thanks so much in advance!! Keep up the fantastic work with your art!! It looks great!! :) Also have a good day!