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By Burgy
#117224 Image

here you are Trolling.

And Zerker... Sorry about your luck but i really haven't felt like doing any art these days.. So if you could either give me a simpler character. Not robot maybe just a person or something that makes it quicker for me to do because after yours I think i'll be shutting down free art for a week or two.
I'll still do paid art but that's it for a bit
By akapsychoangel
#117592 Color (in order of preference): Forest green, cyan blue, red, or black

Items: ?

Pokémon: Flygon or shiny flygon (which ever u like)

Display Name Preferred: akapsychoangel

Anything Else?: Yes thank you so much if you choose to make this for me! Also, thanks for the help on pixelmon spawning! :)
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By Pgnconan
#117595 Hope you don't mind if I ask a few questions, but what font do you use for the words (Like Zerker or your signature), and what brush do you use for that shaky effect? (As seen in Zerker's background.)