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By Burgy
#116650 I'll post it here, and in the OP

All you have to do is:
1. Click your name in the top right
2. Click User Control Panel
3. Go to Profile
4. Go to Edit Signature
5. Copy Image Location from the image i post of your signature
6. Paste the location in to the signature box that you opened
7. Highlight it all
8. Hit the "img" button when everything is highlighted
9. You are done
10. Enjoy ;)
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By SuchArceus
#116727 Thanks for the signature Burgy looks awesome :). I have gotten a lot better at art, ill send some pics when i finish them, i'm not going to be on my laptop today though. ill post some on here and maybe make wallpaper art for my twitter account since I finally have Photoshop. How on earth is your art always so smooth? Do you use a high resolution brush?
P.S I might make a signature shop at the holidays but I won't be able to draw as fast as you. Also, how long does it normally take you to draw a signature?
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By Burgy
#116737 Actually I just use the default brush in CS5 I think its the second one in the list. Not the airbrush one just the normal one.
And it takes me about an hour depending on detail I go into.

And awesome about your shop! :D
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By Burgy
#116741 And about the smoothness, you just get a back for where to erase and how to move your hand after a bit. It becomes a second nature after a bit.

But if you look closely you can see where my hand shakes and squiggles. ;p
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By SuchArceus
#116754 By the way, am I allowed to use the signature that you made for me as an avatar? I'll change it if you don't want me to. I promise ill make my own avatar soon.
What's the name of the font that you used for my signature by the way :).
By 1Charak2
#116947 And From this Day Forth Charak Worshipped Burgy as a god for making this Sig just as he worships Bird Jesus and the helix fossil

ps thanks for the awsome Sig!