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By SuchArceus
#116326 Btw if you choose the sickle/scythe can you make the background as green flames? You know the spooky ones. And if you choose the blood red katana im not sure what background but please make it look good :). You can do that since im tier 1 right? or is that too much.
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By SuchArceus
#116555 Ok well i can't find an image of it so dont worry about that.
Background: Splatters of green and white.
Item1: Image black hair, one of the hands skeleton-like
Item2:Grim Reaper scythe/sickle with a skull key chain attached to it. Put the sickle on the back.
Item3:Grim Reaper costume with the hoodie not worn
Scratch the blood red katana idea out.
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By Burgy
#116642 Image

I got carried away and forgot your hoodie. I currently have this thing with Business Suits...
Also, make sure to send me your art over Twitter or PM here! I really want to see what you do :D

Zerker wrote:Uh, I would like a signature >.>
Background: Thunder/Lightning Storm
Horizon: Lightning Bolts that spell out Zerker900
Added Stuff: An Electivire and a The Zerker Form from Megaman Star Force 2
(Not sure If I was suppose to post or Message '>.>)

Charak wrote:Background Colour? (List off a few colours) Red Orange yellow (the color of fire)

Items (Only one or two things please); The male trainers cap from Pokemon Black and white

One character, Pokemon or item [Specify Please] Victini (center of sig)

Display Name Preferred: 1Charak2 (maybe make it Fiery as well)

Anything Else?: a giant Flaming V in the background

TrollingSmile wrote:Burgy if I could get a free signature I would like the background to be blue or red. I would like eevee to be the character and I want the name to read trollingsmile. Love the signatures btw.

Are these the last commissions? I'll probably be doing one a day.